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Rodney Horne

I worked in the airline industry for 13 years for a major airline carrier. My responsibility was to act as a liaison between an airline and the FAA, making sure the proper parts were used and appropriate work was being done on the aircraft of this major carrier. I retired early from this airline after 9/11. From there I started working as a counselor for two large universities helping individuals return to college to change careers for 7 years. After being laid off from both universities, a friend of mine asked if I would work with him in insurance, and after I saw the full picture of what he did, I immediately got my insurance license within a month, and started to learn things, that if I had known when I worked for these other companies, I would have purchased more coverage to protect myself. You see, naturally, everybody knows that bad things happen to good HARD working people.

my car after the accident: wrecked 1967 Firebird wrecked 1967 Firebird

When I was 26 years of age I was involved in a head on, hit and run, car accident that left me in a wheelchair, so I know first-hand how YOU feel when life happens, and changes the direction of your life. But unlike with me, I will make sure you have the ability to start that new direction with financial protection. I took on some different types of wheelchair sports like basketball and tennis. I liked playing tennis the best, because it is one on one and I played to the best of my ability without relying on or letting down team members. I was on a tennis team that toured the country and overseas, but when I was on the court (except for doubles) my game was my responsibility on how well I played.

I am the youngest of three kids in my family, and I have two older sisters. My oldest sister died from her 2nd bout with Cancer, and during the 3 years she was fighting, she did NOT have disability insurance OR cancer insurance, so it is OBVIOUSLY important to me to offer these to ALL my clients, whether they buy them or not. My family had to pay for her in home care and some medications that her insurance did not cover. Also, even and especially, if you are young and think life insurance is not for you because you are young, I can show you how life insurance can also double as your “Tax Free” retirement and grow faster than your 401K and IRA.

I love doing what I do, because new laws have made insurance hard to understand, and I want to build trust by giving you free help with quotes and education. Naturally, having an education background, I want to make sure my clients KNOW what to expect and what they are getting, and that you have someone you can trust with all your insurance coverage that involves your health and well-being.

Thank you for visiting my website and learning more about me!

Rodney Horne
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